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Crushing It! 3 Keys to living your best life Part 1

Posted on June 16, 2017 at 2:50 AM
As a small business owner, it was a no brainer when I sat down to map out the plan for my business. I knew enough about business to know that there had to be a plan of some sort. I had identified the impact I wanted to have in my community and began networking and sharing content to support people in growing personally and professionally. But something was missing and I couldn�??t quite put my finger on it. I wondered every day why I wasn�??t CRUSHING IT. I decided to invest my time and money into developing solutions. I made some calls and eventually sat down with a Business Strategist and Coach. My Coach helped me push through the limiting beliefs that kept me locked in the bondage of low expectations, fear of failure (and success), and fear of not being good enough. My strategist helped me start at the beginning and identify the vision, mission and values that guide my business. The Bible teaches that without vision the people perish and I believe that what was true then, it is still true now. Whether you are a business owner, employee, mother, father, spouse, or otherwise, if you do not have a vision for your life, if you have no mission or purpose, and if you lack moral turpitude that manifests in the values you hold dear, you will wander aimlessly throughout this life and fail to fulfill the longing that burns within. In all of this discovery, development, and painful growth process, I have come to assert that the 3 keys to living your best life are: 1) having a vision; 2) knowing your mission or purpose; and 3) living your values. Very often we find businesses and organizations that have fancy wall hangings and elegant letterhead that boasts the vision and mission but these ideals are not embedded in the hearts and minds of the people who have to carry it out. It�??s the same in our personal lives as well. We have dreams of who and what we want to be, but we lack definitive direction or purpose. Even more prevalent in our personal lives, we identify values that we profess are core to who we are, yet we rarely make decisions based on the values we claim to hold dear. Decisions are usually made based on the circumstance of the moment or how we FEEL at the time. But if we want to live our best lives and really CRUSH IT, we must be committed to clarifying the vision, committed to fulfilling the mission, and committed to living the values. Stay with me over the course of the next couple of weeks as we look at each of these keys in more detail. In the meantime, leave a message and tell me about your vision, mission and values. Until next time�?�

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